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Coming soon. Celebrityville.


From exclusive night clubs, glamourous hotel suites, foreboding boardrooms and expensive designer stores, hedonistic attitudes and an insatiable hunger for excitement erupt as a group of ambitious people, each one in pursuit of their holy grail whilst hiding a variety of dark secrets, collide in one great city called London.

With their exotic and unethical appetites for success, these beautiful people live life to the full on a daily dose of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, sacrificing their souls for the sins of pleasure, only to leave behind a sordid trail of lust, blackmail, revenge and murder.

But behind the tinted shades of fast cars, closed doors and the anonymity of computer screens where the social elite, reality stars, sports personalities and the idle rich and famous claw their way up the ladder of high gloss and glitter and get up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem, scandals fester in the darkness and patiently wait in order to escape at a moment’s notice.

Trapped within the celebrity cycle of bed hopping, showbiz parties, gossip and scandals that surrounds the glitterati, the money grabbing mogals, the starlets, the wannabes and the has beens who reside in CELEBRITYVILLE, never want to leave the clutches of its exciting, passionate and vibrant atmosphere, where riches do come true, for those who deserve it!

Though nothing lasts forever as there is a price to pay for all this greed.

Only the lucky ones escape the fatalities that lurk around the corner.

Only the lucky ones escape the allure of CELEBRITYVILLE.

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