69 Ways To Have Fun At A Party eBook



Have you ever been to a party where it seemed as if time has stood still whilst fingering your vol-au-vents on the shag pile?

Do you want to be remembered for your guests being trapped in corners by dull people bragging about their little Jonny’s?

Or as a guest, having being barked at by a scary sergeant major to join in the fun, have you already worked out an escape route by retreating to the bathroom, only to climb out of the window and slide down the drain pipe, all before the first game has started?

I hope not!

With the help from this ebook, there are plenty of games and activities that you can choose from and different ways on how to get to know your neighbours in a far more interesting and intimate way than just sipping on a sherry and rummaging through a Rouillard.

69 Ways to have fun at a party has been especially designed for consenting adults as the party games range from mild icebreakers to the outrageously wild! You have been warned.

Play safe, drink sensibly and have fun.


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