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Pineapple Door Knocker

Established in 2017 as a blog, Kinky Klobber has officially launched as a dot com site on 15th September 2018, nearly one year later.

With a loyal army of fab followers, it’s now time to shrug off the chains that bind us and celebrate, embrace and encompass a new era of exploration into the exciting unknown underworld of Kinky Klobber and sexual exploration for the modern generation.

Quite simply anything goes … Come as you are.

Here, you will find a friendly bunch of like minded individuals ready and willing to explore and fulfil your every desire, however secret these may be. We offer a bespoke, confidential and personal service dedicated to helping you to fulfil your inner desires. Our aim is to provide a full and complete individual service to our clients and friends who may require help and support in any/all areas of their lifestyle choices. We not only provide materialistic purchases but also are willing to engage with and support all who visit our site with the view to providing excellent customer service and confidentiality.

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Be daring. Be first. Be different.

Stay special. Don’t go changing.

Come along and join the party!




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