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69 Ways To Have Fun At A Party Booklet

69 Ways To Have Fun At A Party

69 WAYS PARTY BOOKLET.jpg  £4.99

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69 Ways to have fun at a party has been especially designed for consenting adults on how to get to know your neighbours in a far more interesting and intimate way than just sipping on a sherry and rummaging through a Rouillard.

Each party game has been categorised in to various activities: Action, Blindfold, Drinking, Forfeit, Icebreaker and Stripping. And each game has its own set of rules and what materials are needed.

With a choice of 69 party games ranging from mild icebreakers to the outrageously wild, any host will agree that they want their party to be a success and want their guests to be talking about their event for years to come.

So with all this naughtiness at your fingertips, you now have no more excuses for inviting blushing violets or party poopers, no more excuses for dishing out small talk over limp sandwiches and no more excuses for organizing a boring bash.

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