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Swingers Codes

Swingers Codes.

Urban myths?

It is said, like any other lifestyle choice, secret codes are used to find likeminded playmates within the swinging society.

Are these urban myths or the truth behind the titillating twitching curtains of suburbia?

It has been said that if you have pampas grass plants in your garden, it’s a sign that you swing. If so, then this could be one of the reasons why there has been a decline in this plant recently. But what about other innocent garden decorations which are supposed to have hidden secret meanings?

Do you have a pretty display of white rocks outside your house with an artistic display of pink or purple flowers exploding from the centre? Nothing wrong with that, I hear you cry, but could this be the case on when moving the rocks about, indicating that a party is about to happen, you could be stating to your guests that they’re about to get their rocks off?

Also, do you also plunge pretty pink flamingos into your bush, baskets or any other garden orifices for that matter?

And what about your knockers? Are they big and shiny and take the shape of a pineapple? Yes, apparently the pineapple is supposed to be another sign within the community. If that’s the case, then keep an eye out for your neighbours who may have them proudly protruding from their supermarket trollies! And if you have one too, then this could be a conversation starter that could lead to something special.

Along with the old fashioned code, such as when a wife would peg certain garments on the washing line or place a shoe in the window, indicating that she was home alone and ready to play, can you think of other home improvements to cipher?

So now that you have your house decorated in secret symbols, what about you? How can you let other potential partners know that you’re a ‘friend of Ellis’ without having to reveal your nipples and practice a secret hand-shake over the meat counter? Well you could, if you wanted to get banned by the supermarket and shock the blue rinse brigade in the process, but there are other subtle ways of showing your sexy side.

Mostly worn by ladies, as they have the power within the lifestyle, there are a few items of jewellery that can indicate what they want. For instance, one of the main choices a woman can wear are ankle bracelets with certain charms on them, indicating their sexual preferences, spelt out words (such as Hot Wife, Slut, BBC) or accomplishments and achievements.

When someone adorns a black ring on their right hand, it shows that they are open to fun and games. Another ring or a pendant that can be used is The Ace Of Spades logo, as it announces that the wearer wants BBC, or in other words, a Big Black Cock.

Also wearing a chameleon badge or pin can demonstrate diversity between the sheets, just like a chameleon who can change its colour.

Unfortunately I haven’t encountered any male jewellery or clothing indicating their lifestyle choice yet, other than a cock cage, being on Tinder and other naughty social media sites or wearing a rubber wrist band with a swinging logo on. Although I’m sure there must be other furtive swinging signs that men can display to attract potential partners. Or perhaps a blatant chat over a drink?

I hope this has given you something to think about, to try and put in to practise. Perhaps you do something different that’s not on here or have created your own language and rituals that others have followed? If so, please let me know.

With all that in mind, are these swinging codes real, or is it just urban myth?

You decide!




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