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Swinging Advice For Single Guys

I have come across loads of frustrated decent guys who are struggling to meet women and couples online and are continually being rejected. Why is that?

Is there a hint of desperation lurking in the darkness? Is the repetition of rejection dampening your arder? Are you subliminally emitting signs of a psychotic parasite whose intentions are to conquer anyone’s private parts without any thought and emotions?

What about seeing from the other person’s perspective? Have you considered what they have to go through? Can you imagine how many emails of dross that they have to filter just to find the right companion?

Read their profiles carefully. Are you what they are looking for? Do you match their requirements? Will you be compatible? If not, then why are you subjecting yourself to humiliation? Why are you wasting your time, knowing that the answer will be no? Your ego can only take so much and you don’t want to shatter your confidence, do you?

Consider this.

Imagine you’re this beautiful sparkling diamond protruding from a steaming pile of manure surrounded by faecal matter and urine. The diamond is priceless and has been spoken about but not seen in a long time. Other people are desperate to have it, but they can’t get to it as they don’t want to get covered in all the surrounding crap.

Unfortunately this is what couples and women have to deal with on a daily basis. These poor people are inundated with piles of poo which pour into their inbox, thus missing out on that rare diamond.

Don’t be that trapped, dirty diamond swamped by a city of crap. Stand out from the crowd. Give yourself some sparkle, dazzle with your charm and become the coverted company that everyone wants.

With all that in mind, here are 10 simple, yet honest tips aimed at single guys who are having trouble meeting swinging couples and women for friendship and hopefully some slap and tickle.


As you are a single man on adult sex websites, you are the majority and have no power. Couples and single ladies have the power. This means you are the bottom of the food chain and have to stand out from the crowd to get attention.

Check out your competition. Click on the search engine on your site and search for men looking for women and couples. Don’t be surprised on how many guys are all looking for the same kind of thing as you are.


This is your advertising board to the world.

Your profile defines who you are and what you are looking for. Let people know what you like, your interests, how far you can travel, your availability and when/if you can accommodate. The more specific you are with your description, the better the chance of finding the right matches.

Be yourself when writing your profile. That way you will be unique and will stand out. Don’t claim to be someone that you’re not and write a lot of lies. If so, you will attract the wrong type of person and will feel uncomfortable when you meet up. If you want to experiment with both sexes, then add bi curious to your profile.

If you don’t want a certain type of person to contact you, then you can adjust this on your site settings and block them. You will not offend them as they won’t be able to search for you nor see your profile.

Take decent photos of yourself. This is obvious as people will want to see what you look like and then they can decide if you are their type or not. Please DO NOT upload a cock shot as your profile picture. Have a tasteful body picture instead. Most people like to see a variety of pictures, including face, body and cock. Also, constantly update your pictures and profile. Remove older pics as your body may have changed over time and use current ones. You may surprise someone when you meet up as they may have been attracted by a pic of you with a tanned six pack and then you arrive with a wobbly party keg! This may classed as false advertising.

If you don’t want to show your face in public, (this could be because of work, partners, or you simply just don’t want to) your face pic can be set as private or can be sent through a private message, email or briefly on cam.

As a bonus, get photo verified as this will make you come across as more reliable. Plus it shows that you are serious about your profile and getting genuine meets.


Before you make the first contact, please read their profile in full. Why? Because you may be wasting your time by not fulfilling their requirements.

Most of us skim over profile details, desperate for a meet. But in most cases, other people are not so desperate and are looking for the right kind of people. For instance, if their profile states that they are looking for people between the ages of 30-50 and you are 51, then DO NOT contact them unless stated otherwise. Again, if they are looking for bi guys and you’re straight, then the partner is not going to let you near his wife or girlfriend as he will be missing out on the fun too!


Congratulations. You match their requirements. Now what?

Think with your brain and not your penis. This is recommended for younger single guys and in some instances, older gents too. When you have the horn, rub one out before contacting anyone. Save that for your mobile apps.

Use your brain and not your penis when writing an email. You may find that the couple may not be exciting as they were an hour ago. Their sexy pictures may have turned your head, but after your happy ending, they may not seem as appealing as originally thought.

When sending a personal message, please don’t use text speak. Most people will find it hard to understand, plus it’s rather immature. Also, when massaging a couple, address them as a couple and not just one person as it’s rude to ignore their partner.

Please don’t send one liners, such as ‘nice profile’ or ‘wanna screw’. You will definitely be blocked and you will have lost your chance of fun and games. Send a polite and friendly email, the kind of email that you would like to receive. If you share the same interests and kinks, then mention them in your message, though nothing explicit at this stage. Remember that you’re contacting real people and not some random sex object.

If the reciprocates want a picture, then send a happy face and body pic and definitely no cock shots (unless asked for).


After you have made your first contact and you don’t get a response, move on. Yes this is very annoying and can be considered as an insult to your ego, but there may be a reason for this.

Obviously you may not be what they are looking for and if they haven’t got the decency to say no. this may be a warning to you so move away quickly.

The couple could possibly be away on holiday, dealing with an emergency or you could have contacted them during work hours and they need to be at home or somewhere private to reply to your message.

It could be that the couple have been inundated with emails and are taking their time to sort through them or that they have simply forgot. If they are interested in you, they will get back to you in their own time. Remember, they have the power.

If your email has been read and they haven’t answered for a while, don’t send a bitchy email back to them. Your abusive email may end up getting you bad feedback and being kicked off the site. Forget about these people and move on. Life’s too short to worry over little stuff like that.


It’s not a personal attack if you receive a message saying ‘Thanks, but no thanks’.

Again, it could be you’re not what they’re looking for, the couple are not playing at the moment or something else has come up. Just accept their reply and move on.


Yes. High 5. You finally have a yes to your message and you’re both interested in some playtime. Now what?

Don’t come over pushy with your messages. Just be natural and let the conversation flow. If the messaging gets a bit heated between you both, then yes suggest some simple actions that you would like to do. See if they suggest anything first. On your initial message don’t beg and say ‘I want to do X with you’ or ‘Can we meet now, I’m horny?’ This is very uncomfortable for the reciprocate and can be an instant turn off and you may be blocked.


Don’t be known as a timewaster.

Have the decency to turn up on time, clean and fresh. If you’re not sure about meeting them or getting intimate with them when the time comes, then simply say ‘No thanks’. This will save a lot of time and bother.

Not showing up can cause so much trouble. The couple could have spent hours sorting out accommodation, spent money preparing for the event or have travelled a long way.

If you are nervous about the meeting, then say that in your messages. The lady or couple will understand. Perhaps they are nervous too! If you don’t know what to talk about at first, talk about work and hobbies. Then after a few drinks you will all be relaxed for the next stage. If you’re not comfortable with the situation, then you can politely walk away. At least you have made the first step and had a nice social event out of it. Perhaps the next time you may go further.


As a single guy, you are allowed to use this too.

If you’re uncomfortable with the situation, then say so. You cannot be forced to do anything thing that you don’t want to do. If people laugh at you because of this, then walk away.

If they demand condoms, then use condoms. However horny you are at the time and are asked to do unpleasant or uncomfortable things, remember you’re in control of your own life and surroundings. Just say no.

Also, respect the couple’s limitations and boundaries too. If they say no, it means no.


These websites are not like your mobile phone apps that cater for instant sex on tap. Although I’m sure there are people on the site who are looking for multiple partners too. Treat the website as a social scene and then you will find the experience much more enjoyable. And if you’re lucky enough to find playmates then that’s a bonus.

Remember that you are using mature adult sites and that you need to treat people with respect. Present yourself as you wish to be treated and not the slut that you want to be.

Most people on these sites are looking to make friends as life can get lonely these days. Plus this can be a perfect outlet for them to indulge in their fantasies, kinks and fetishes. Having someone else who understands them and that they can to talk about it openly, even if you both are miles away from each other, can be a comforting and liberating experience.

Forums and chatrooms are a great way to get to know people. Plus they are ideal for getting noticed and promoting yourself. Plus you’ll be able to find and meet other people in your area who have the same interests as you. And if you’ve very lucky, you may see or even perform as sexy show on cam.

Premium Membership has its benefits too. On some websites you can message as much as you like and are able to use the chatrooms with more cams on view. Also you can upload more photos per day and have access to the site’s premium offers and discounts.

I hope this has helped in any way and can make your online experience much more enjoyable and hassle free.

Have fun and be happy and stay safe.

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