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Doing A Carol

Doing A Carol 1

My friend, who I shall call Carol, is stunning and a very naughty lady who always surprises me. For instance, we were having drinks at a barbeque the other night and Carol, with her third glass of rosé in one hand and a sausage in the other, spilled out a confession saying that she has met an older man in his mid 60’s who runs a small local garden centre.

Nothing unusual about. Carol is always meeting new people as she’s a social butterfly. After a gulp of wine, she then goes on and tells us about her antics with this large bellied gent.

Apparently, on her days off work she pops into his potting shed at the back of the garden centre and fools about with his thick tool just to get her hands on some freebies. From her greenhouse gropes over the months she has acquired an olive tree worth £80, various potting plants, garden furniture and several garden lights.

This is not the first time she has done that. A few months ago, she advertised for a painter and decorator to come and redecorate her lounge, with the intent of paying him in kind. Which she did!

She now tells me that her next venture is to sort out the junk in her garage and is looking for a man with a van.

Let’s see how she tackles this task!

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