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Doing A Carol 2

Doing A Carol 2

I’ve just found out that my friend Carol has been up to her old tricks again.

It was at our monthly dinner at Carol’s where another one of her discount derby sessions was blurted out over nibbles.

As we all flopped over her luxurious sofa stuffed from her delicious meal, Carol casually poured out a celebratory bottle of Bollinger and waved her hand around to show off her freshly decorated lounge.

I did notice the subtle changes as I came in but forgot to comment on this.

Anyway, Carol, who is more financially comfortable than my other friend Sarah and I, told us that her husband had a local decorating company revamp his office and he said to them that his wife was looking to have the lounge freshened up.

Nothing unusual about this.

She said that a few days later the owner of the decorating company, a silver haired man in his late fifties, popped by to discuss the colours, style and to leave off some samples to choose from.

I knew that she had a friend who was an interior designer and asked her why she didn’t ask her to decorate her lounge.

Carol gave me a wry smile as she sipped her favourite drink. Hmmm. I knew that twinkle. What had she been up to now?

She told us that she didn’t want to use her friend as the job would have been too simple for her. Yeah right!

‘Really?’ I asked.

She took another sip. Still saying nothing.

‘What have you done?’ I said, knowing that Carol has been up to something naughty.

Carol looked at my friend Sarah and and told us what had happened.

Having looked at the samples, Carol had contacted the decorating company and booked a second appointment with the owner. Unfortunately he was unavailable to visit so he had sent one of his team members to pop by.

Apparently a man in his early thirties knocked on the door. She let him in and noticed that his apprentice was left sitting in the van.

Carol continued her story and told us that she sat next to the man on the sofa and they looked through the samples, deciding what colour she wanted on the walls. As soon as she knew what she wanted, she got up to make some tea.

‘Tea?’ I butted in.

‘Yes,’ she said, trying to hold back a cheeky grin.

She then went on to say that she asked the man to invite the apprentice in for a cup of tea too as he looked bored sitting out there on his own. The man gestured to the eighteen year old lad to come in.

Here we go, I thought.

‘Not going in to too much detail,’ she said, ‘but I could see they were interested in me by what I could see growing in their overalls. So as they were having their tea, I quickly popped upstairs, slipped on some sexy black underwear and came down. They were surprised to see me like this, but it didn’t take them long to remove their overalls. And one thing led to another, it wasn’t long that I had them there and then. Both at the same time. And they took some naughty pics too.’

She went to get her phone out of her bag to show us, but we both declined to look at the pictures.

‘And your husband doesn’t know?’ Sarah gasped, though not shocked nor surprised.

‘Don’t be silly. Of course not! He’s far too busy at work. Anyway he gets his oats when he needs to. Though these days it’s not that often as he would like,’ she giggled, finishing off her drink.

We all laughed. Carol does keep us amused with what she gets up to, all because she wants to save a few pounds.

Her poor husband. If only he knew!

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