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Doing A Carol 3

Doing A Carol 3

It started off as just another birthday celebration at the local Italian restaurant with a group of friends.

We were all there to celebrate Carol’s husband, Michael’s birthday. There must have been about ten of us all gathered around a large table laden with bowls of pastas, salads and overflowing glasses of wine that were all scattered in between brightly coloured bowls with candles in them.

The restaurant was busy that evening, especially as our loud group monopolised most of the staff. I felt sorry for the happy couples who looked as if they wanted a quiet night out, although on another table, a group of ladies seemed they were having fun too.

Michael, who owns a recruitment company, was clearly enjoying being the centre of attention, especially as the ladies on the next table were waving at him and wishing him a happy birthday.

As a people watcher, it was fun catching the young Italian stallion waiter glancing down at Carol’s breasts as he served the drinks. And it was obvious to me that Carol was flirting back at him as she looked as if she enjoyed the attention of him looking at her in her tight black dress which showed off her glittered dusted breasts.

Oh the poor waiter. Carol would eat him alive.

After a few more drinks, the lights went low and the staff brought out a large birthday cake in the shape of a Lamborghini for Michael and we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Michael stood up, thanked us for being there and then cut the cake to a cheering crowd. In the meantime, I looked around the table and caught Carol looking at the waiter’s bulge in his tight black trousers as he stood next to her.

It was such a fun evening as we all laughed and joked and shared stories about Michael. And not being a shy guy, Michael took the jokes on the chin then excused himself from the group. I saw him across the restaurant shake hands with all the staff as it looked like he was thanking them for looking after him.

Michael came back with a big smile on his face, sat down next to me and opened another bottle of champagne for all of us. He told me that he was really pleased to see all his friends and how much fun he was having.

On the other side of the table, Carol quietly got up from her chair without anyone noticing and slipped off to the washrooms, followed by the young waiter.

I tried to keep Michael’s attention on me, but I’m sure he noticed something was up. Luckily the group of ladies next to us were about to leave and came over to congratulate Michael again. Phew!

As the champagne flowed, Michael got up and worked the table, thanking each person for coming. Although I thought it was strange that he kept looking at his phone. I guess it must have something to do with work as I know how important it is to him as he has to keep up a nice house and a certain lifestyle.

Carol then came back and kissed Michael on the cheek which made him jump. He smiled back and gave her a hug. With her hand grabbing her husband’s bum cheek, she looked over his shoulder and gave me a knowing look. In the meantime, the wandering waiter looked rather flushed as he cleaned up the table next to us.

By now the guests were starting to leave and were saying their goodbyes. It was time for me to leave too. I said goodbye to the last few people sitting down and to Michael and Carol and thanked them for a great evening.

It was odd that Michael hugged me and thanked me for being there and for looking after him. I’m not sure what that meant, but I told him he was more than welcome.

Could it be that he knew what Carol had got up to whilst we were chatting? Does he know about her shenanigans? Who knows? Although it would be fun to find out, wouldn’t it?


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