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Are you man enough to have a Hot Wife?

As the title say, are you man to have a Hot Wife?

Firstly, what is the definition of a Hot Wife?

A Hot Wife is a happily married female partner or girlfriend, who has the loving support, freedom, choice and is actively encouraged by her husband to have intimate casual sexual intercourse with other individuals in pursuit of fulfilling their fantasies, desires, sexual tensions and needs.

The Hot Wife term is used in the non-monogamous community or in the swinging fraternity. A wife who partakes in an open marriage or relationship is usually called a Hot Wife.

This has nothing to do with Cuckolding, where the husband is submissive and the wife controls his sexual activities. Being a Hot Wife does not involve in any humiliation by any of the participants involved. 

The husband has full knowledge of what his wife’s activities pertain, which requires an enormous amount trust and understanding on both sides, thus making the marriage even stronger, or otherwise, played out incorrectly, could destroy the relationship with the ultimate results of a divorce.

This maybe a dream for some married couples (mainly for the male partner) who, swept up in the midst of the throngs of passion, whisper sweet nothings between the bedsheets about wanting to spice up their relationship with a slice of kink on the side. But the dream compared to the reality, is the opposite side of the sexual explorer’s spectrum.

This kind of lifestyle, if luckily enough, could transform a dull, lifeless marriage into a fire ranging relationship, culmination into a longevity of fun and frolics, yet the all-important match has to be taken out of the box and striked first!

Think before you strike.

Are you ready to open Pandora’s Box? Are you ready to dip your toes into an alternative lifestyle? Are you man enough to know, watch or even see from pictures or videos that your wife is enjoying other men’s bodies, partaking in tag teams in which you may not be allowed to join in or even know about until after the event?

Remember, once the box is opened, you may never revert back to the norm? 

The Hot Wife lifestyle can be very arousing for both parties, being humiliated and emasculated from the male point of view (see Cuckold blog Do You Want To Be A Cuckold? – Kinky Klobber ), and being sexually fulfilled and having the power to dominate and choose whenever and whoever the wife wants to have sex with from the female point of view. 

Remember, just like in the Cuckold scene, the female has all the power in this relationship and not you!

As the husband, are you really willing to share your wife with any Tom, Dick or Harry regardless of what time of day it is or do you really want to mess things up in your marriage just by manifesting a naughty dream from the results of soaking in the afterglow of love making?

Yes, the idea at first maybe stimulating, getting aroused of imagining what your wife maybe up to on the night out with the girls, even being proud of your wife devouring other nameless men, even if you have set up the meeting yourself, but if you’re not a strong enough person, but a weak willed and insecure man, then having a Hot Wife can also poison your soul, transforming that innocent loving husband to a damaged demon, twisted with jealousy or even paranoia.

So do think carefully before approaching your partner with this life changing decision. Even the discussion of this subject may cause friction between you both and you don’t want to ruin an already great relationship, do you?

If ever you do raise the subject, even in jest, no one should be forced into doing anything that they don’t want to, regardless of how many drinks you’ve had or any ‘innocently’ small steps you may suggest.

Do not keep harping on about the subject if your partner doesn’t want to participate. If this happens, drop the subject, pass it off as a silly joke and carry on as normal.

If the topic does arise again in the future and you’re both agreed to chat about it, then an open and honest discussion needs to take place between both of you regarding the pitfalls, traps and possible outcomes before anything else takes place. Do your research, chat to others on message boards and if happy with everything that you’ve learnt, you may be ready to take the next step.

Though before you begin your journey and everything is completely understood about what may happen, and if you both agree and want to take the plunge, then rules must be set in place before anything can happen. Firstly both of you will need to state what is allowed in your Hot Wife lifestyle and what is private between you both. For example, will the wife be taking part in full penetrated sex with or without protection?

Both partners should take equal responsibility in finding play mates for the Hot Wife. This is an equal sexual relationship and enjoyment must go both ways.

Keep this in mind if the husband starts calling all the shots and states who his wife is allowed to play with. No one can dictate on another person’s life. You have both agreed that this is your lifestyle choice and both parties should be experiencing the pleasures equally. 

Are you ready to explore your hidden desires?

You’ve conversed and dissected the subject and chatted about how you both feel. You’ve done your research and have set the rules. So what’s next?

Here are a few tips on your journey. Some maybe obvious. So don’t judge!

10 Simples Starter Tips.

  1. Before leaving your house and taking on your first playmate, log on to a chat room and see how comfortable you are chatting with others. Do this as a partnership as you both need to know your limitations and feel relaxed about talking about each other in a sexual situation.
  • When happy with your chats, have a go and start to play on cam. No faces need to be shown, nor real names are needed at this stage and both of you can be fully clothed. All you have to do is talk to others (hopefully single men who are preferably local) and find out their reactions and intentions. When you do this on a regular basis, you may end up with a following of fans.
  • Whereas possible, wear sexy underwear as well as stockings and suspenders on a daily basis. This will make you feel sexy and confident, even though no one can see them.
  • If working in an all-male dominated environment, then a gradual change of wardrobe may have to come in to play, that is, if you have your eye on someone at work and may want to experiment on them! This can be fun and make your days fly fast, so you should take your time. Your choice of clothing has to be subtle as you may not want to attract any attention at first, but just to experiment with your outfits.  

Start by wearing a light blouse or top with dark underwear underneath. Yes, I know it goes against all the fashion rules, but you’re trying to turn heads in becoming a Hot Wife. See who reacts to your latest fashion statement and take notes. If uncomfortable with this, then simply undo an extra button to reveal your cleavage a bit more.

  • When you start to get a bit braver, go topless underneath your blouse and tight top. Again, you can always cover up your pert nipples with a scarf or jacket.
  • Start to gather your Hot Wife fashion range and keep them separate in your wardrobe. Fancy showing off your legs on day at work? Then wear a simple shorter skirt to highlight your stocking clad legs. 
  • Invest in several pairs of sexy shoes. They don’t have to be too high so that you can’t walk in them, but they do have to be comfortable too.
  • Get your partner to pay for some essential pampering. I know this is old fashioned and women earn their own money but if he wants to see you looking like a stunner and attracting lots of men, then he will have to dig deep into his pockets and cough up the dough. Expensive perfume and jewellery works too. And gents, this goes both ways. You will have to keep up with your looks and grooming too.
  • Start to practice flirting with people. Give compliments, smile at people and become a generous person. Lightly stroke someone’s arm when talking to them or lean in closer. Look interested in what they are saying, even if they are boring you to death.
  • When you have practised all of the above, and you’re both ready for a dry run, then both get dressed and go to a bar or pub that’s out of your area, so that you won’t be recognised by anyone.

Take a seat in the corner and let the How Wife look out in to the room. Take time and see if she attracts any attention. For now, you’re just having a drink, nothing more.

As the Hot Wife, furtively watch the guys in the bar and see their reactions to you. If you’re wearing a short skirt, are you ‘accidently’ showing off some stocking tops? Are you even wearing any panties? Are any of the men whispering to each other and pulling at their crotch?

Take a wander to the ladies and see whose eyes follow you.

All you’re doing at the moment is acting out a role. Nothing sexual has to happen as you’re just getting comfortable being watched and talked about.

When you’re both ready with what has happened and you’ve got the desired results, you can simply leave and go home. Experiment concluded. The end.

That is, if the night takes a sudden turn and you’re starting to get chatted up by a group of men, you may decide to stay and take things further! If so, game on and good luck.

I hope this article has dispelled some myths about Hotwifing and has given you an insight in to what to expect.

Again, if you’re interested and tempted to join this lifestyle, please do think carefully about the consequences and do as much research as possible.

Take care.

Be safe and play safe.

As the saying goes, a happy wife is a happy life!

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  1. I am a much much experienced, matured, sissy feminized cuckold. Only sad to say that I am divorced now. Looking for a new hotwife.

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